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Team logistics

Naturally we work on the future of logistics by creating new solutions to define your flexible workforce, but N2 People offers more than just this customisation. The logistics industry requires in-depth specialist and process knowledge. By establishing a logistics team within our company, we can provide this added value to our clients. For many years we have been a one-stop supplier for renowned national partners and smaller companies in the industry.

Comprehensive services

In addition to placing staff and offering process support, N2 People also provides the logistics industry with comprehensive services like employee counselling, recruitment and selection, HR support, payroll and pool management. We always strive to provide competitive prices and we can prove to be a cost effective solution.

Our partners LOGISTICS (RETAIL) 

N2 People is an experienced one-stop supplier for the LOGISTICS (RETAIL) industry. In the past we have conducted successful projects for renowned national partners such as Euromaster, Tyrenet, ASN, Schadenet, Care Schadeservice, Van Mossel and several smaller partners. Our years of experience, knowledge and expertise empowers N2 People to take on any challenge in the labour and LOGISTICS (RETAIL) industry. See below for some references from LOGISTICS (RETAIL) partners:

Our growth in the LOGISTICS (RETAIL) sector 

In recent years we have experienced considerable growth in the LOGISTICS (RETAIL) sector. See the developments in the timeline below:


Eric Nabuurs & Peter Nabbe, two experienced gentlemen in the field of temporary workers, found the company. Out of passion they forge the first letter of their surnames together into N2 People. And start with an office staff of 3.


collaboration with ROC de Leijgraaf and Braveau


5 office staff and 100 temporary workers

Over the years

N2 People enters into partnerships with Vemaro, Jan Linders, Brunotti and many other logistics companies


clear choice of industries: logistics, automotive, manufacturing and industrial


board member Eric Nabuurs follows the training in logistics management at Nyenrode


board member Peter Nabbe completes the post-college training in logistics management


10 office staff and 225 temporary workers, 70 of whom are employed in logistics


300 temporary workers, 200 of whom are employed in logistics


N2 People takes on any challenge in the field of logistics

Our skilled workers are employed as:

We have N2 People staff working for example as:

  • Container unloading staff
  • Order picker
  • Forklift driver / Combi driver
  • Loader or unloader
  • Reach truck driver
  • Warehouse clerk
  • Foreman
  • Group leader
  • Packaging staff

Skilled workers with the right skills

We understand that you are looking for good staff with the right skills. We are also expanding our network continuously with skilled workers who are flexible and communicative and have high productivity.

Focus ensures quality

Our specialized functions

N2 People tackles every challenge in the field of labor and automotive. We have in-depth professional and process knowledge. The most important profiles we work with:

Lean approach

We have experience in logistics roles and have followed logistics training. Our office staff and board members are lean-trained and have earned Yellow Belt and Green Belt certificates. Optimally designed logistics processes and corresponding expert staff are of crucial importance for an effective and efficient organisation, particularly in the constantly and rapidly changing society we live in. We like to discuss process-related issues with our customers and provide targeted solutions.

Productivity training

Our employees follow targeted training as logisticians. We work together with Braveau (productivity training), an agency that also certifies our employees. Before placement, our employees are already made familiar with the internal rules in your organization, routing and operating as securely and ergonomically as possible. In addition, they learn how to stack trolleys, drive a forklift and reach truck, and load and unload trucks. We daily evaluate the first three days, so they can have a flying start.

See what Chris van Sambeek from Braveau has to say about productivity training:

Chris van Sambeek

“N2 People trains people on their own initiative, without the customer paying. They want their people to show up at the logistics workplace well prepared,” says Chris van Sambeek from Braveau productivity training. Before starting his own company, he worked as a consultant in logistics and as a supply chain coordinator. Productivity training from Braveau focuses on smart working. This includes important factors such as dealing with a warehouse management system, stacking, counting, location recognition but also spatial awareness and the use of physical abilities



Tailored (lean) training

In addition to standard reach truck, forklift or electric pallet truck training, there is also training provided for lifting, sideloader, areal platforms or, for example, BHV and VCA training. This is done often at the customer’s site, but N2 People also has its own training warehouse. Chris explains: "You can see it as a library: we possess  bookshelves with books containing training components that are profitable. N2 People and Braveau pick precisely the right books from the shelf for each customer. The library of course contains all the standard books, but we like to write a new book if the customer needs customisation. We are also lean-trained and I personally also provide lean training. With this in mind, we are able not only to provide well-trained staff to our customers, but can also provide process-oriented advice to them, reducing their costs."


Chris concludes with an example: "People have a defined physical capacity. Are you aiming at higher productivity? Then people are not able to physically work harder. Sometimes we find out, for example, that someone is driving fast and safely, but doesn’t use the shortest route. That way you can get more out of each individual. I adjust my training to whatever any staff member really needs. Working with foreign workers is also an art. Culture has a significant impact on how people address work. N2 People and Braveau have also specialised in this matter."

Benefits of productivity training

With training from Braveau, workers have a shorter working-in time on-site and ensure less waste during the first weeks, saving on working-in costs. In addition, employees are better prepared for the workplace, know the business and are aware of what is expected of them. We also check whether the employee fits into the company, understands the work and his or her weak and strong points. The employee will also find out on our premises whether the work is fun or not and whether it is appropriate in terms of physical exertion. This reduces the risk of failure during the first weeks.

Our skilled workers at work in the LOGISTICS (RETAIL) sector  

Latest LOGISTICS (RETAIL) jobs  



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