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Dutch culture is different from your culture. Because we are a small, flexible company, you're not a number with us. We know our employees personally and treat them with respect, but also expect you to treat us with respect. If you carry out your work as agreed, we are of course willing to do more in return for you. Our recruiters try as much as possible to account for cultural differences that may play a significant role. Because we are working under a Dutch CLA, you get all Dutch holidays off. These are 1 January, 2nd Easter Day, 2nd Pentecost Day, Ascension Day and 1st and 2nd Christmas Day. You can see here on which dates these will fall in 2015.

Training and certificates

We will give you the opportunity to develop yourself. If you are also willing to do this, we will do everything we can to guide you. Employees who develop themselves have the opportunity for a better future in the Netherlands. If you do your best, we pay for training for you at MBO (vocational secondary) level 2. This is professional training which leads, when completed, to a diploma. Based on a study-work agreement, you can also follow a course in Dutch or other courses.

In the Netherlands staff are treated in a formal way. People with a diploma or certificate (a formal proof of completing a training/course) are hired by preference to those without a diploma or certificate. If you want to progress to a higher position, you will often need to have the appropriate diplomas or certificates.