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How much will I earn?

N2 People is a member of ABU, the largest trade association for temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands. This means that N2 People meets all stringent requirements and that everything in N2 People regarding pay is regulated according to Dutch standards and values.


We can not yet tell you exactly how much you will be earning. In the Netherlands every company operates with a collective labour agreement (CLA). This is the standard according to which every employee is remunerated. The guidelines of the CLA also provide for allowances to be paid. Which CLA applies to N2 People is determined in consultation with the client.


In the Netherlands there is, for example, also a minimum rate of pay. A person of 22 years in the Netherlands will always earn at least € 9,11.

Pay deductions

We deduct a few things from your pay:
Housing: up to 20% of the statutory minimum pay. This is all-in (furniture, gas/water/light, etc.).

Health insurance: € 97 every 4 weeks

Working is more than just earning money

Benefits for employees

Most of our employees work full time (40 hours). If you work full-time for a year then:

  • You will earn as much as a Dutch employee in the same job
  • You will get 25 vacation days
  • You will have rights to short special leave (dentist, hospital etc.)
  • You will be free during Dutch holidays
  • You will be paid a salary 13 times a year
  • You will get paid your salary every four weeks. Hours worked during calendar weeks 1/4 are paid in calendar week 5 on Thursday before 12 o'clock. Hours worked during calendar weeks 5/8 are paid in calendar week 9 on Thursday before 12 o'clock.
  • You will get 8% of your gross pay as holiday allowance
  • Overtime is paid according to our ABU CLA or according to the collective agreement of the principal (the collective agreement that is applied in consultation with the client)
  • If you fall ill, you will continue to be paid 91%
  • You can request an advance until you receive your first pay

If you do not work full time, then the above rules are applied in proportion to the hours you work. In return you will have to follow the rules. N2 People has also described these in its 6 golden rules.

Health insurance

You have the choice to make your own arrangements for housing and transport to your work, but in the Netherlands it is required to have health insurance. At N2 People we have a collective insurance that you can join, which is more advantageous than normal health insurance. If you do not want the insurance from us, then you will sign a declaration that you will arrange this for yourself and forgo our collective insurance. The collective health insurance of N2 People also covers your own risk. So you don't have to pay the first € 350, out of your pocket or get it reimbursed.