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Arrival in the Netherlands

You always provide for your own transport to the Netherlands. Once in the Netherlands, you come to the office of N2 People in Venray. Because we want to take good care of you, you can instantly connect to the Internet to contact your family and friends, and possibly use Skype. After your long trip you will want something to eat and drink, and you'll get to see an instructional video. Further you will receive from us:

  • Safety shoes (if you didn't bring these with you, against payment of € 30)
  • 2 shirts of N2 People (free))
  • A prepaid SIM card (free) so we can reach you

Signing your contract

You will sign your contract in the office of N2 People. The contract is made out in Polish, English and Dutch. You will often get a zero hours contract as we call it in the Netherlands. This doesn't mean that you are working zero hours, but that there is no fixed amount of hours imposed. You might be working more in practice than agreed, or sometimes just a little less.

N2 People is committed to transparency. N2 People is open for employers, but also for employees. You'll also find our standard employee contract on this website. This can be downloaded below.

Download secondment Agreement >>


To be able to communicate well with us and our clients, we would like it if you speak English.


For urgent matters the recruiters of N2 People can also be reached outside the Dutch working hours. We assume that you will also be accessible if we want to talk to you. That’s the reason why you receive a free prepaid SIM card. Look under contact to see how to reach us.