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New style temporary employment

"N2 People operates according to a principle they call 'New style temporary employment'. The principle is based on four pillars. These pillars lead to guaranteed more satisfied employees."

1)      N2 People considers your culture

"First of all, N2 People considers your background and culture. They know that we work and live differently in our country of origin and you receive comprehensive information about the work you are going to perform in the Netherlands in the office of N2 People, where you will have meetings with the recruiter; there are people of Polish (or other) nationality working there, so you will be really understood. And that's very nice, because you will never be thrown into the deep end."

2)      N2 People take good care of you

"Once you start working for N2 People, N2 People takes good care of you. You will be living in a normal house, often amidst local residents. Each house has free internet so that you can keep in contact with your family and friends, but also have access to e-learning. There are also courses available such as cooking classes and rules of conduct. This way you learn a lot about Dutch culture, making it more comfortable to live here. In addition, N2 People takes good care of its employees by always paying out the salary right on time. As a result, really nobody gets ill. All the staff I have met are working here with a lot of passion and pleasure."

3)      You will be offered several options to grow

"If you start working for N2 People you are trained internally, because often it is not so much the subject, but the system that works differently than in our country. They also consider whether as a person you will fit into the company, whether you understand the work and what things you are good or bad at. They also look at whether you find the work enjoyable and whether you like it physically. As a result, there is little chance that you will fail during the first few weeks. If you are doing a good job, then you get the chance to complete training in the Netherlands. That is training (vocational training at secondary level) that fits your activities and future prospects. N2 People pays a lot of attention to you. If you develop yourself, you get a real chance for a better future, a better job and a better salary. That's the way it works in the Netherlands."

4)      N2 People always provides a positive working environment

"Finally, the employer will always be pleased with you. Since you are trained first, like I said before, the chances that you will fail are minimal. The less change of people in the workplace, the lower the change costs for the employer. And this also means a shorter training period and fewer beginners’ mistakes. As you're always working for a longer time with a particular employer, you definitely have a good chance to blend in well. You are cheerful, work harder, have a good relationship with the other staff and are interested in your job. That's why I really love working for N2 People."