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To the Netherlands


Less than four months in the Netherlands

If you work for People N2 and stay less than four months, you are a "non-resident". Non-residents are persons who do not live in the Netherlands or who live in the Netherlands for less than four months, but have a relationship with Dutch government institutions. The Registration Non-Residents (RNI) will register such persons in the Personal Records Database (BRP). The BRP contains personal data of both residents and non-residents. Non-residents must present themselves in person with a valid ID for registration. They must also submit their residential address in their country of origin.

No residence permit required

If you are an EU citizen and will be staying longer than three months in the Netherlands, you will not need a residence permit. You also don't have to report to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). These rules also apply to citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland. Your passport or ID card issued by your country of nationality is proof that you are lawfully residing in the Netherlands.


More than four months in the Netherlands

If you stay longer than four months in the Netherlands, you should register with the Personal Records Database (BRP) in your municipality. More information about registration in the BRP can be found there.


Make sure you bring all your official documents to the Netherlands. For your registration People N2 needs the following documents/information:

  • Your passport/ID card (name and address)
  • Your certificate of good conduct
  • Your bank account number
  • Your health declaration
  • Your email address. If you don't have an email address, please make one. We need your email address to send your payslip. If you want, we can also send your payslip by post
  • Eventually a health insurance card (if you don't have health insurance, we can arrange it for you. See also health insurance)
  • Your vocational certificates/diplomas, if any
  • Your driver's licence, if any

BSN/SSN (numer sofi)

Without a social security number you cannot work in the Netherlands. If you don't have a social security number yet, you can request this number with your passport or ID card. An N2 People employee will make an appointment with you and drive with you to the office in Nijmegen and Venlo. When registering at the counter, Non-Residents receive their allocated social security number /  citizen service number (BSN) (numer sofi) immediately as well as a copy of their personal data. Registration is free. There is no difference between the social security number and BSN number


Why do I need a social security number?

The government uses your citizen service number (BSN) when processing your personal data. Hence the BSN number is the only number you need for all your contacts with the government. Via your BSN number the government can, for example, trace you easily in their administration. The BSN number also ensures that your data will be passed on reliably between government organisations. You also need this number to open a bank account, to identify yourself if you need medical care, etc.