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Travel to work

Our employees have three different options for getting to work: by bicycle, with their own car or with a car of N2 People.


By bicycle

Within a distance from about 7 km to the employer, we in the Netherlands travel by bike or on foot. N2 People can arrange a bicycle if you want. The bike costs you € 200.


Your own car

If you drive to work with your own car, you will receive a compensation of € 0.19 per kilometre from N2 People. The maximum kilometre compensation is €15.20 per day (80 KM * €0.19)


Car of N2 People

You can rent a car from N2 People. Your own risk is always € 250. Ask one of the coördinators about the conditions. 
Please note that our cars cannot be used for private purposes and are equipped with a GPS box. Driving this car for private reasons will lead to a deduction of € 0.40 per kilometre.