Powder Coater

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Powder Coater

You are responsible for setting up the powder coating installation correctly (with the robot or manually), the daily pre-treatment check and for running the powder coating line as efficiently as possible.

The sheet metal products are made of steel and can be anything: walls, drawers, bookends, dividers, etc. These are hung on a conveyor track, after which they are cleaned and pre-treated by means of iron phosphation.

This process is monitored by the Powder Coat Operator as well. Afterwards, the products are dried and are ready for powdering. This is done with a percussion machine, but depending on the products a lot is added manually. The products are stoved and checked at various quality points. You also perform all this as Operator Powdercoat. The products are then packaged and scanned.

You are quality oriented, you have an eye for detail and you ensure order and tidiness within the working environment. As Operator Powdercoat you can also be used for other common production activities, such as hanging up products, unpacking and packaging as well as ready scanning of the products. This job is performed during day shifts, but you must also be prepared to work in two-shifts.


What do you need:

  • You have at least a completed Basic Vocational Education training with knowledge of the powder coating process or the willingness to follow a training for it.
  • A couple of years of work experience in the metal sector is an advantage.
  • We are looking for someone who is quality conscious and has technical insight in the powder coating process.

What do we offer you:

  • Great salary package starting from 14€/h
  • Minimum 32 hours / maximum 40 per week
  • Accommodation if needed
  • Company car if needed
  • Collective health insurance
  • Opportunities for own development.

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The Netherlands
40 hour