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A N2 People mostanában keres powder coater.

As an all-round powder coater, you are responsible for correctly setting up the powder coating installation (by robot or manually), daily pre-treatment control and running the powder coating line as efficiently as possible. Together with other colleagues, you are responsible for high-quality blasting, wet painting and coating of products.

The sheet metal products are steel and can be anything: walls, drawers, bookends, dividers, etc. These are hung on a conveyor belt, after which they are cleaned and pre-treated by iron phosphating.

This process is also controlled by the Operator Powder Coating. After this, the products are dried and ready to be powder coated. This is done with a percussion machine, but depending on the products, a lot is added manually. The products are stencilled and checked for various quality points. You also carry out all this as Operator Powder Coating. The products are then packaged and scanned.

You are quality-oriented, you work as a pair with another colleague, you have an eye for detail and you ensure order and tidiness within the working environment. As Operator Powder Coating, you can also be deployed for other common production tasks, such as hanging products and/or unpacking and packaging and scanning ready products. This is always done in consultation. This position is carried out in day shift, but you must also be willing to work 2 shifts.

What you need:

  • Craftsmanship - with knowledge of the powder coating process
  • Several years of work experience is a plus.
  • We are looking for someone who likes to get to work, is quality-conscious and has technical insight
  • English speaking is necessary
  • Driving license is a must



What we offer you:

  • Salary € 16.00 per hour gross
  • Shift bonus 14% if applicable
  • Shifts 07.30/16.45 or 06.00/14.45 hours
  • Minimum 32 hours / maximum 40 per week
  • Accommodation if required
  • Company car if required
  • Company clothing if possible
  • Collective health insurance
  • Opportunities for own development.



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