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N2 People sta attualmente cercando un vacancy employee cleanroom.

For one of our high tech packaging clients we are looking for a cleanroom employee.


Position in the organisation

Operator within the various Cleanroom locations within the service centre. Reports directly to the shift leader.


Description of purpose of the job

Part of the order-controlled processing of cleanroom packaging. The correct delivery of carefully cleaned packaging is central to this. Workplaces and tools have to be in good condition at all times.


Result areas

  • Mastering, respecting and understanding cleanroom procedures around the quality requirements of tools, protective equipment and products.
  • Encompassing multiple levels of knowledge and quality gradations between various products and materials.
  • Safe and responsible use of tools and their storage.


Other common tasks

If necessary, the employee can be called upon to: 

  • Support in other departments.
  • Participation in improvement projects within safety and process control.
  • Attending courses to improve knowledge and skills.


Job requirements

  • Secundary eduation work and thinking level
  • Command of the Dutch and/or English language
  • Stress resistance
  • Proactive attitude
  • Flexible in work and working hours
  • Knows advanced discipline around procedures
  • Service-minded
  • 100% quality oriented
  • Willing to work in shifts
  • Working in a team
  • Cleanroom experience is a plus

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