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Account Manager N2 People Automotive

04 December 2018

Account Manager N2 People Automotive

Om ons snelgroeiende team N2 People Automotive te versterken, zijn we op zoek naar een sterke, dynamische Account Manager met oog voor perfecte klantenservice!

Vanwege het internationale karakter van de functie is het functieprofiel in het engels! Op aanvraag is tevens een Nederlands profiel beschikbaar.

Wil je meer informatie over deze uitdagende baan neem dan contact op via t.a.v. Business Unit Manager Automotive Ronald Velgersdijk. 

Function: Account manager

Contribution to customer satisfaction De account manager is well known for his skills in listening. He quickly and adequately addresses customer questions and offers a quick and adequate solution. The account manager knows when he should give information, ask questions or reply. Disappointments or tensions does not affect his behaviour much therefore the account managers will stay a positive conversation partner. The customer opinion is that “his/her”account manager is service driven, polite, and reliable. The customer recognizes the advisor he/she that understands his business problems and challenges and can act on this quickly.

Place in the N2 People organogram

Business Unit Automotive Above: The account manager reports to the Business Unit manager. Equal level: Other N2 People Automotive team members: Other account managers, Employers Coordinators, Trainers and Team coordinator. Discusses daily priorities with the Team coordinator. Below: none.

Tasks with high interest

The account manager is maximum available for his/her customers. The account managers has his procedures and administration in order and up to date. The account manager communicates clear and professional about solutions for the customer. The account manager is responsible for the goals that are described and set in the yearly account plans per customer. The account manager cares and defences the customers intrest in the Automotive team.

Secondary tasks

The account manager will give attention to the employees during his visits to the customer. Social talks, relationship with the customer, any other problems. The account manager will share the information with the employee coordinator The account manager is capable to initiate communication with new customers.

Gets energy from

Customers questions, also the difficult ones. Satisfied customers

Builds and maintains relationships with

Business Unit manager Customers N2 People Automotive team

Sees his job as

Commercial, selling customers solutions Providing service, helping customers to solve their problems.


Cooperates tightly with the other Automotive Team members. The account manager is in control concerning his responsibilities towards customers by knowing their needs and by building and maintaining a positive relationship. The account manager is ambitious in making the customers wishes come true and in solving the customers problems.

Lifelong learning is needed on

Commercial capabilities Building and maintaining relationships and customer acquisition Communication skills, conversation techniques


The account managers scores high on modern competences Communicatively binding. Know when to listen, send, ask or answer Strongly organized. Therfore quick in switching to solutions Advisory. Speaks the language of the target group and engages in their challenges. The account manager has more than average skills in the English language, both in oral as in reading and writing. Other language skills (for instance German or Spanish) is considered a big plus.


The account manager will be held accountable for: Customer satisfaction Complaint settlement; speed and quality 360 ° Feedback about personal communication and management skills.???By: customers, Business unit manager, and Team members Turn over developments in relation to the account plans