What we do

At N2 People we think that it is important that the facilities have a high standard. We make sure that you will live right between Dutch people and as close as possible to your new work environment. Our department Facility will arrange the following subjects for your housing:

  • Bed sheets
  • House maintains
  • Housing

Where do i live?

If you decide to work with N2 People. You will live among dutch people, in the middle of a city or village. You will sleep in a 1 or 2-person room and the house is fully furnished according to Dutch standards and values. The residential location has free use of wireless internet. In this way you can always be in contact with your family at home.


What does it cost?

The costs for housing are a maximum of 20% of the legal minimum wage that applies to your payroll. This is determined by the ABU, the largest association in the Netherlands for temporary employment organizations.

Do it your way!

You can choose to arrange your housing yourself. If you choose to do so, N2 people will provide you with some tips. Furthermore, N2 people will not be responsible for housing.