At N2 People we focus on three branches: Automotive, Logistics and Technics. We are always looking for people who want to develop themselves in these branches and making their Future At Work. Find out which vacancies we have available and join our Future At Work.

What we stand for

N2 People stands for a fresh look at the future, which we approach head-on. That future revolves around working on a flexible basis and the exchange of (international) skilled workers.

We are working on this future by coming up with new solutions for the interpretation of the flexible shell, but N2 People offers more than this customization. We focus on specific branches that require in-depth knowledge about the process.

The composition of sector-specific teams within our company enables us to offer added value to our relations. This is where the future of flex work lies and only then we can, together with our relations, be able to grow into the future.


Our flex workers

Also for our flex workers we want to be able to be the best provider of work and housing. Because your work is our future. We provide our flex workers with the best possible housing and work environment. Together with our flex workers and companies, we strive to the Future At Work.